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Positions Needed:

Web designer/manager (WordPress)

  • Maintain existing site
  • Have a working knowledge of WordPress
  • Good visual and communication skills
  • Work closely with Branch Directors
  • Time commitment expected: 3 hours weekly

Fundraising Director, Board Position

  • As a non-profit, this position is crucial.
  • Contact potential sponsors and coordinate with Executive Director to meet with donors
  • Search for and propose grant opportunities & fundraising ideas to present at Board Meetings (2nd Tues, monthly)
  • Coordinate with volunteers & directors to carry out fundraising events
  • Work closely with Treasurer when dealing with funds
  • Time commitment expected: 10-20 hours monthly

Volunteer Coordinator

  • As a volunteer-based organization, this position is vital to the EMAA’s success
  • Must have excellent communication and people skills, i.e. willing to make calls, send emails, meet with strangers, and be a positive representation of the organization
  • Must stay up to date with the needs of the organization by regular contact with the Directors, and know how to recognize and utilize people’s strengths and skill sets in order to refer them to the appropriate contact
  • Keep records of volunteer involvement
  • Time commitment expected: 3-5 hours weekly

Social Media Specialist

  • Manage EMAA Facebook page & twitter accounts
  • Coordinate with website manager to keep info updated and accurate
  • Network with different groups for largest possible reach
  • Be proactive & self-directed
  • Report to Executive Director
  • Maintain weekly communications with Branch Directors
  • Time commitment expected: 3 hours weekly

Directory Specialist

  • Collect and compile info for the directory listings at EagleMountainArts.org
  • Coordinate with Web Designer on a weekly basis to update and expand directory
  • Contact potential directory members and invite them to be listed
  • Maintain the organization of the Community Board at Ridley’s
  • Time commitment expected: 3-5 hours weekly

Graphic Designers

  • Given content, create visually appealing materials for fliers, programs, online graphics, etc.
  • Be able to respond quickly & reliably to needs
  • Time commitment expected: 1-2 hours weekly

Appreciation & Awards Specialist

  • Coordinate with Directors during contests to obtain appropriate prizes & awards
  • Write Thank You notes as needed
  • Be comfortable working within a budget
  • Time commitment expected: 3-5 hours weekly

Committee Members

  • Passionate about the Arts
  • Has time
  • Has desire to volunteer in one of these areas:
    • Performing Arts (music, dance, theater, tech, etc.)
    • Visual Arts (painting, illustration, graphic arts, sculpting, film, photography, etc.)
    • Literary Arts (readers, authors, bloggers, journalists, poets, playwrights, etc.)
    • Production Team (ticketing, ushering, decorating, fundraising, marketing, etc.)
  • Time commitment will vary

If interested, please CONTACT US HERE